Discussions with Epo-Na

Discussions with Epona by Dona Holleman - book cover

Dona has been for more than fifty years an internationally acknowledged teacher of Hatha yoga, and has written many books on the subject, amongst others the classics ‘Dancing the Flame of Life’, and ‘Centering Down’ (available on the book page).
What not many people know is that she has also written, already in the seventies, several poetry books (‘Rosa Crucis’, available on this web site, and ‘’Cutoso Journal’).

Her latest book, ‘Discussions with Epo-Na’, treats her philosophy of nature and our connectedness to the world and the universe in a novel way, under the form of imaginary discussions with a … horse.
In her opinion many books on philosophy are too ‘heavy’, and are always seen from the point of view of some guru or system. They often contain do’s and don’t’s and are most of the time divorced from life, from the ultimate Life Force, and from nature, the expression of the Life Force.
According to Dona, each human being has a spiritual connection with the Source of all Life, and it is her endeavour to show that we can discover and groom this connection to live a fuller life, full of joy and laughter, full of love and vitality, and independent from interferences from other people in the form of teachers or gurus.
Especially in these uncertain times it is vital that each one of us taps his or her own inner strength and learns to trust in a universe which has created us, instead of putting our trust in another human being who is as mortal and uncertain as we are. It is only by reconnecting with the Source that each one of us can grow up to be a fully human and spiritual being.

‘Discussions with Epo-Na, volume one’ is available on the books page and some of the discussions can be read online. Just pick them from the navigation on the left side.
‘Discussions with Epo-Na, volume two’ is published on this page as the stories develop.
Dona is also the publisher of a monthly Newsletter, given out by her Association, the ‘International Centered Yoga Association’. Those who wish to receive the Newsletter can register with Francesca at icya@donaholleman.com

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